Our Organization

Zip Code Votes Inc.  is a non-profit, non-partisan, IRS classified 501c corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of California.  Zip Code Votes Inc. is registered with the California Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts assigned the registry number CD0259455. It's corporate mission is to provide non-partisan, educational information on a variety of important issues including our primary or "Wedge" issue to inform potential voters in state and national legislative elections about the candidate's positions on a this key issue as an approach to getting out the vote.  We also post educational advisory material on a variety of non-partisan topics designed to improve government efficiency and save tax-payer dollars.

Our Approach

We believe that modern brand marketing strategies used to make certain brands the "go to" resource for consumer needs can be harnessed to promote more enlightened voting.  Specifically we believe targeting busy, less involved registered voters who often fail to make enlightened choices or even vote, with brief and specific "one issue" educational messages tailored to the zip code of the political district where they live and vote can improve voting turnout and more responsible outcomes. Our objective includes in our message a variety of "coat tail" issues which should inform voters about ways to improve government efficiency and save tax payer dollars.

Our Story

A review of current electoral voting patterns reveals egregious legislative outcomes that often work against the common interests of the community as reflected in polls which are at odds with the voting records of those elected to state and national legislatures.  These outcomes are often engineered by well funded special interests.  In order to redress the balance in favor of those citizens who do not have the clout of the well healed special interests groups such as ours need to organize and rally behind politicians and political solutions that reflect a broader sense of economic and social well being for all citizens as well as respect for basic human rights.

Our Approach

We operate by harnessing an army of volunteers to research positions by candidates for election districts at the state and national legislative levels.   This information is summarized and posted in a comprehensive online catalog by state and voting district.  Funds permitting we educate voters in a variety of ways using brand marketing techniques. These easy to absorb, easy to carry, short message forms are designed as an effective "call to action" for voters who normally are confused, not well informed, not interested or simply don't see a reason to go to the polls particularly in primary and local elections.

Our Objective

Simply put elect responsible legislatures at the state and national level.


Meet the Team

Our team consists of administrators and team volunteers with a constructive attitude about returning government control to those most interested in constructive solutions and out-of-the hands of special-interest politicians.  Please consider joining us as a volunteer (see link at left).