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We need your support as either a volunteer or a contributor.  This approach is not particularly expensive, but there are costs that have to be paid such as postage, printing, design services and logistics.

How to Get “End Gun Violence” Enacted

The End Gun Violence Action Plan is Simple:

  1. Identify state and national districts where elections are close as candidate districts for “shifting the balance” support.
  2. Based on volunteer coding identify the zipcodes that match up with voting districts.
  3. Provide a comprehensive listing of candidates and positions on “reducing gun violence” in an online database as a source for social media marketing, press sourcing, and citizen education.
  4. CRITICAL:  mail a specially designed “educational” postcard to voting districts where change can happen to capture the attention of busy potential with a simple, direct message*.

Did You Know The Vast Majority of Assault Weapons Targets are Children and Students?

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