Brand Marketing is a Well Rearched and Technically Advanced Approach to Motivating Consumers to Choose The Brand Being Promoted

Brand marketeers know how to motivate consumers who are often very busy and where the first priority is just capturing their attention.  These marketing techniques may make a big difference in getting reasonable candidates elected who will sponsor sensible legislation and reasonable solutions for our most pressing problems.

Why Will This Make A Difference?

Traditional techniques have their place and are very important but may miss the elusive middle of the road less frequent voters who need to to be motivated to turn out and who can make a critical difference.

For example phone banks and registration drives are often used to contact the faithful but often miss those who are not politically active.   Newspaper ads are increasingly irrelevant and, in any event, are clearly partisan usually negative and often completely inaccurate or unfair.  TV and Radio ads are very pervasive during a campaign and tend to be similarly biased and/or negative. These ads can turn off many voters especially the elusive voters we seek to motivate.

Direct mail has an advantage in that most responsible adults look at their mail especially the busiest among us like working parents. 90% of adults collect their mail every day.  A simple message that stands out on a critical issue with objective positions and statements for all candidates, brief and to the point gets  a message across.  And a post card is a permanent object, to put on a mirror, in a purse, under a visor, or on a bulletin board to act as a continuous reminder and can be carried to the polls as a memory aid.

Most other non-partisan mailers cover a lot of positions and require a lot of study.  Candidate or party mailers are usually very partisan and often disturbingly negative.  A simple mailer concentrating on one galvanizing issue is more likely to crystallize a voting decision and be retained as a poll aid.


Our Favorite Technique: The Reminder Large Card

Thanks  to the post office, mailings can be tailored to specific zip codes. These cards can be put in a purse, over a visor, on a refrigerator, almost anywhere the voter wants to keep them without losing track of this handy reminder for when they go to the polls or, in fact, to remind them to go to the polls.  If funding permits several mailings can be made leading up to election day.  Voter analysis can advise how best to work with each targeted neighborhood.