Recent Questions…Don’t Hesitate To Send In Your Questions

Q.  How do you determine the level of support for elections.

A.  Our basic database is as extensive and comprehensive as the input we receive from volunteers and coordinators.  Anyone can use this data for social media purposes, campaign publicity or any other purpose as long as they give us credit for assembling the information.

Our pro-active campaigns are where the most energy is directed as this where we target specific districts for zip code directed mailings. But these targeted districts tend to be more selective.  Based on our analyst’s  studies we will pick those districts where the race is expected to be close and information about candidate’s positions on “reducing gun violence” may be helpful in determining the outcome.  The extent of our pro-active campaigns is also dependent on funding levels.


Q.  Why are you limiting your candidate coverage to national house and senate races?

A. The national races are where the most important actions will take place.  It’s true state races are very important in advancing state legislation but our resource level is not adequate at this time to study state races.  Also many state races are off-year and these races may be analysed in 2019.  But all our work at any level is dependent on adequate support by volunteers and funding.