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What goes into a blog post? We appreciate your input about our goals, methods, insights. We will modify and update our agenda as necessary in order to promote candidates who will advance the interests of “reducing gun violence”.

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2 thoughts on “Zipcodevotes Blog”

  1. When do we see the lists of candidates and their positions. I like the fact that you list all the candidates not just the ones that favor a particular party or extreme position. Hopefully I won’t have to read a lot of character assassination material which distracts from the message.

  2. We will have a more comprehensive listing of candidates by states and districts probably in mid-August as we are now updating the database. By the way we need more volunteers to help with this task. See the volunteers link at left. You could help and you could make the difference in your children’s future with your contributions. However here is a link to one state and its partially completed database of candidates and districts. (This is still incomplete).

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